Life in a METRO

one city, countless emotions : Life in a METRO
UTV Motion Pictures presents, Directed by Anurag Basu and produced by Ronnie Screwvala
The DVD case jewel of Metro goes:
The world is becoming smaller. Cell phones have cut down distances. Low cost airlines have got cities closer. There’s less time for breakfast. Even lesser time for dinner. And no time for lunch. The sensex is rising. Malls in every corner. Multiplexes, the only way to watch movies. The seven year itch has come down to 7 months. Or lesser. Depending on how ambitious one is.
We are getting bored too soon. Too many choices. Too many dreams. Not enough sleep.
Rahul is one such young man with dreams. Working as a call centre executive in a BPO in Mumbai. He silently loves his boss, Neha. A smart young woman/lady who has made it up the ranks in a very short time. And hard work is not her only secret. Becasue her boss, Ranjeet loves her and is willing to shower her gifts and opportunities… only if she is welling.
In his 30s, Ranjeet is married to Shikha with a 6 year old son. Shikha is very well educated and was a better student that Ranjeet. But they decided that she should stay back home and take care of the house and the kid. So Ranjeet ventured out on his quest for money and success… and forgot his family somewhere on the way. And bitterness and boredom crept into their relationship.
Soon he found solace and a fresh lease of life in  Neha. An exciting, non-commercial relationship based on sex. Neglected by an indifferent husband and bogged down by family chores, Shikha is soon attracted to a maverick in Akash. A loser and a rebel without a cause, Akash is a stuggling theatre artist whose wife divorces him… because she cannot stand his failures anymore. Akash and Shikha’s love blossoms and she almost crosses her limits that she has so fervently guarded all these years.
But at the end you will believe this is a hindi movie- a quality motion picture from Bollywood…. don’t believe re-watch the typical indi movie endings.

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