Indian Idol Contest : Prashant one step closer to jackpot

Prashant Tamang, 24, from Darjeeling has made it to the Top 4 of the popular television talent hunt show Indian Idol. With Mayang Chang being edged out of the competition, Prashant will now have to vie with Amit Paul, Emon Chatterjee and Ankita Mishra for the top spot.
In an interview with The Indian Express, Prashant thanked all who had voted for him. Speaking from Dehradun, Prashant’s childhood friend Gyanendra Aryal said he has been running a pro-Prashant signature campaign in various Indian cities. Encouraged by reports of the huge number of votes Nepali people have given in his favour, Prashant intends to visit Nepal once the Indian Idol contest gets over, said Aryal who has managed to garner 1.5 lakh votes in favour of Prashant from people in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.
Aryal expects Prashant and Amit to face each other in the final round. A pro-Prashant wave is welling up among the thousands of Nepalis living in Uttaranchal, said Aryal, adding that seeing the vast number of Nepalis of Indian origin, it was likely that Prashant would emerge the winner.
In the interview with Express, Prashant described himself as a humble person who used to sing in remote corners of his native district Darjeeling, adding that he had never thought that he would become a household name one day. He said he was thankful for getting a chance in the Indian Idol contest and grateful to his family, friends and well-wishers.

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