Emotions and Prototypes

I can’t control my emotions. Don’t think that you do. Also not most, any of us can take over things called

emotions. These are defined for the basic functioning and maintaining cybernetics in our system. And

not to be late emotions, they themselves are emotional prototype so sophisticated to handle for.

Love, hate, anger, blue face, selected woes may be some of those happenstances you might have come

across so far. Digging the jewel, sex, war, peace is even the trio

intimacy, they are either emotions of

themselves or causes of phenomenal expenses. Should one try to control emotional, one commences

hallucinating and field of vision is synonymous with illusion.


You can define your own emotions

personal emotions. A girl remembering her fiancé could hardly

control her emotions when she approaches the spot in him. A majestic commander, as a rule of thumb,

heading for a battle could hardly overcome his emotions for thirst of a collective possession

so many to

mention from anger to kill and being killed, to a kiss and love of his consort. These are just few in a vast

ocean of emotions.


Sometimes, we feel that we won’t be committing any crime until we happen to, only due to emotions.

Brutal instances of uncontrollable emotions surely outnumber those that are one’s private. A pin in

heart experiences for emotions might make us feel that we hadn’t. Yes, had I not done that for this or

otherwise, I’d not have fallen for it. This is a typical exampli gratia for raison d’être to confess that you

just committed a crime of not controlling emotions.


But this is not true. Nor is justifiable. It’s you, right, and soul right to handle your matters. You can’t

control your emotions so isn’t your problem but reversely if one tries to control it, one might have

problems. Pros overcome cons in emotional prototypes of self

programmed human homoeostasis. To

conclude, emotions are pure emotional expressions, sense that one can’t control and never should try

to unless you want to loose control of yourself and who wants that for!!!!

December 2, 2006 


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