If you are a owner of Spice D88 or D88n or similar mobile sets, and want to internet connect in your Computer/Laptop via mobile phone but the driver installation for the mobile phone modem has hindered due to Vista’s 64 bit on your way. Here’s the complete visual guide on how to set up mobile sets as modem for connecting internet in laptop or desktop.

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Screenshots are from Spice Mobiles D88 and Windows Vista 64x Home Premium. You also need the initial mobile driver/software installation disc handy.

How to Set up Spice D88 as a CDMA or GPRS modem in Windows Vista 64x: Step by Step Visual Guide

Initial steps: Insert the installation disc(CD or DVD) or in case you didn’t have one, there might be set up folder in the phone memory (card)—copy it to your hard disk. Time to connect your mobile phone to the USB port (or PCMCIA port, in rare cases).

The best approach is to install (by autorun) the driver and necessary programs- for Spice D88 you can find one at their official website, spicemobiles.in.

Installing device driver software
1.  Driver Software Installation: initial search for preconfigured driver folders (if might skip few steps more below) Click screenshots to see their full size.

The driver software for Mobile Phone USB Modem Driver has been successful.
2. The driver software for Mobile Phone USB Modem Driver has been successful. Port address COM9 may vary. (You might be asked for the installation disc or path, my suggestion run the driver setup file from the installation folder.) Remember the port address.

Phone and Modem options can be found at Control Panel.
3. Driver has been installed. Now time to detect your mobile phone as a modem to connect internet. Phone and Modem options can be found at Control Panel.

Install a new mobile modem as PCMCIA Card Modem
4. Click Add to add new hardware ie your mobile phone. Add Hardware Wizard appears. Select Standard Modem Types on Manufacturer (above already configured handhelds) and on the models side, go to the button to select Standard PCMCIA Card Modem.

Seleting a port for Standard PCMCIA Card Modem
5. It’s so interesting that the mobile set is connected via USB but detected as an Standard PCMCIA Card Modem. Select the port (be careful refer to image 2 above to know what your port was)

Add hardware wizard
6. Your new modem has been set up successfully. So far so well.

Standard PCMCIA Card Modem Properties
7. Now select the Standard PCMCIA Card Modem you just installed from Modem tab of Phone and Modem Options. Click Query Modem to verify if the command will respond Success.

This completes the installation of Spice Mobile D88/n as a modem in Windows Vista 64x. Proceed further to create a new dial-up connection. (Skip- if you know about it to the button of the page to write your few words to this article)

Choose a connection options, img© ekendraonline.com, 2008
a. Start button >> Connect to >> Choose a connection option as Set up a dial-up connection

selecting a modem to set up a dial up connection, img © ekendraonline.com, 2008
b. Select the modem you want to use to connect to the internet. Select Standard PCMCIA Card Modem for Spice D88 or similar mobile.

ISP info to Set up a dial-up connection, img © ekendraonline.com, 2008
c. Enter the Necessary information provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or your mobile phone company. Then connect to access to the internet.

That’s it. Windows Vista 64x troubleshooting for Mobile Phones as a modem. Comment if you have any confusions. Select similar links or most wanted topics if you like.

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