Reviving another era- oops! its another year for me and the Ekendra's Blog

power biscuits, one of the oldest biscuits of Nepal
power biscuits, one of the oldest biscuits of Nepal

The Power of Childhood : Celebrating an Age– visit my similar older post @

Happy Birthday to the world, the new world, the newly named Nepal… Naya Nepal, and yet another new world. Started as an ignorant, now Ekendra’s blog get’s listed among the first pagers’ of the Google. Though entirely PR1 is not what I commenced this weblog as, it’s surely this search which would inspire me to jot things that people like- it’s like writing non-stopping posts about Bada Dashain and now it’s already been pre-posted for Deepawali messages.

Spirit counts… in spite of being in the world’s poorest country, not poorly populated by mouthed-leader(sorry, I don’t know the exact word) for inevitable cheap speeches, also fascinated by panoramic Himalayan range, and the country of monopoly organizations. It’s how you survive, how one maintain to negotiate oneself from his worldly torture and misunderstanding at the most fruitful age of life with life’s have nots and the nation’s instability for over a countable years of duration.

Thank you all for being my very special, prosperous visitors. There are enough matters for which one might not find suited to read or even glance the blue pages of Ekendra’s blog. My expectation is of average 3digits visitors per day and the foremost aim is to jot down nearly everything that I latch on, that happen in my world of hesitation and frustration, views and reviews might be my own, there is no need that you agree with me. But I am sure there are no any posts and articles from my imagination…..

Wishing to be one of the best reality based bloggers of the country one day, most probably- the Best Nepali Blogger.

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