Revitalization in personification of my blog- a more inside approach to blog for a Nepali Mouse

With a mere visits of 18/day, I still tend to update and manage my blog like a pro. This is a compassion, need might be, but not a show case. And I don’t want one. Write anything you think of – the wackier the better! This is what made me a compassionate blogger– self made buddy.
Personal Introspection: Really going personal, sometimes too personal or something else. Personal interest over the country’s issues and on. Sites that are personal, but have things like weblogs and other personal insights will change often enough to bring readers back and are easy to write. (I read this line somewhere else)

Blogging nearly whatever I feel like. This is what doesn’t make me sort of posts, though not always. Sometimes obsessions could drag to go with sticky notes for bloggers or the other time death of another blogger. All of these sorts, of course, are virtually not that untrue—practically realizable.

In the case scenario of being a Nepali Blogger, the lack of bandwidth, the sort of accessible devices and after all the power supply. This is really not that easy going with crustaceans and IPL Cricket matches and World Cup Pre-qualifying rounds and Texas Instrument’s another active filter components and even managing to manage another never been followed schedule. The life is really bugged. A more inside approach could only be perceived had there been some sort of exchanges for likeliness rather than just the Model Sansar.
Personally nullifying the governmental acts, foolishness, guffs to engage public, praised injustice, infinite strikes synonymously Nepal bandhs and never ending list of New Nepal restaurant’s menu. Personification could be checked for… later rather than be safe now. Just blog, blog for blogging, blog for myself, blog for Google bots, blog for crawlers, blog for another post, oops another post for blogger. And finally marginally survived 2 of the 19 blogs… for a Nepali Mouse (not the church mouse, referred to as).
Let the best Nepali bloggers flourish for blogging and let this be crosswords.

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