Making a difference: who knows there’s a success above or even a macabre truth

Before writing any related words, I would like rectify title of this post about the word SUCCESS. one of the visitors to post (Name this country and get a free trip)… better read yourself. There is an affirmation to everything no matter how infinitesimally it may be. So here’s success for pitfall, and it’s about new highly inspired WordPress blogging or blogging for life.

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Blogging was intensified as a venom, here again positivity deserved, a venom so crazily dragged me to blog, and sometime blogging for just blog. What would be the nest post? Sticky notes once used to fill up whole of room walls. Alas, the blogger is dead, is it?

No matter no read this post or any other, I am affirmed there are sufficient bot visitors to my pages. Google Bots are the most friendly to my pages, they even index few objectivity phrases. Bots are sincere than normal humans. I don’t request people to visit my pages. This is totally an absurd blogging; blogging beyond professional. Once stayed for writing, it becomes fully heart-held and makes things flying onto reality especially with the most frustrating national conscious- referring the near failure nation and near the poorest of all nation. It’s Nepal. Called New Nepal by those who know nothing about development.

I must stop here crying about New Nepal, it’s always the same. Could I be making a difference by transitioning myself to WordPress from a longed blogger. Made by ticket to transfer so as to realize citizen journalism and really free thoughts so that nobody could flag reality as obscene materials. How could a Minister pay his attention to everything except what’s he is to do? Got it…. not even a point, it’s okay. There will no more violence nor tyres nor …

Plagiarism: Major national dailies fill up their inner pages quoting the source of the news as Agencies. But if the same article appears here- what will it be? There’s no electronic laws in Nepal. This is a wrong statement; the true one is There is no law and order in Nepal. I am the best, and only  I am the best. A true corruptician’s inner voice.

Nor a political science student nor graduating on sociology, simply I am writing whatever I latch on. It’s Nepal, most of this time- as I am bound to. And obvious bots are too for me. Discover some more realities with this blog and more coverage on blogging nearly everything that I latch on; that’s it. There might be a pitfall a head. Might have to shut down servers for ever but won’t stop the world. The world that’s rightly described by Yella Pillar Wilcose.

Laugh and the World Laughs with You. Weep, you weep alone.

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