How to activate Windows 7: a simple visual guide

As the title of this article, we are preparing this post to provide a complete visual guide to activate Windows 7 which is the latest release OS from Microsoft and btw completely free for a year.

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We assume that you have already installed Windows 7 on your system and now seeking for How to activate Windows 7?


Whenever a small icon flash at your taskbar telling you to activate you Windows, click that. A similar information as shown in the screenshot is shown that reads: Activate Windows now, Click this message to start activation.

Alternatively, you can start activate Windows wizard manually. Again, follow the information produced on the screenshot shown.activating-windows-7-alternative

Click the start button (Start Orb button aka Windows icon/logo) and on the search box type activate. We don’t think we need to write more than this to tell you to open the Windows 7 activation wizard.

The Windows Activation wizard says Activate Windows now, you must activate Windows within xx days to continue using all Windows features.




Ways to activate Windows 7 

  • Activate Windows online directly
  • Use my modem to connect directly to the activation service (recommended if you have a modem)
  • Use the automated phone system to activate Windows 7.activating-windows-7-ways

Activating Windows 7 online is the simplest of all.


Issues: If you had tried to activate your Windows with Automated Phone System you might come across Error Code 0x00000279. You can also contact Microsoft by phone to help resolve this problem. 

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