ekendraonline.com beta released, explore and get more

Finally after months of trial and error, doing jobs simultaneously, leaving assignments, unpreparing assessments, and keeping the pace with usnepal.com as is, I have finally released the beta version of my full fledged website cum blog. Viewable only with the URL: http://ekendraonline.com/ and don’t try to put www in the URL, that’s a different site and will be merged after finalization of this personal website.

I am supposed to include everything as like this Nearly Everything that I Latch on blog onto this website, until the beta tag is appendage, site stability may be an issue. Try it now and feedback me your precious words.

Presently included materials include:

  • All the engineering materials that’s already been published at various networks by me, of course it’s released under GNU
  • Windows Essentials- freewares that are really necessary for better computing
  • Helpful downloadable files related to removing Windows Viruses, and other security issues
  • More than 100+ ready made registry hacks
  • Tech tips and tricks to tweak and hack your Windows OS

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