Blogging Rejuvenation

Presuming a blogging rejuvenation

Okay, before making any falsified statements – I’m committed to continuing my blogging. Ups and downs, once again Ekendra’s blog is here to stay and get updated unlike previous anonymous hibernations that never saw summer suns. This time Ekendra’s everyday gangan (गनगन) will carry real life experiences, frustrations with Nepalese systems (of going backward) and other on-the-fly #thislife deals.
It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. So, what bring limitations in your life are the years or is it the count? Leaving that question for a discussion – or should I say a wise discussion.
After a bad decision of a bad cloud service provider (VPS) – that they decided to entirely crush their storage disks even without asking their customers – I’m forced to merge two of my domains here – needless to say lost approx 380$ just for their bullsh*t service. And hence I’m here to stay with one of the trustworthy VPS service provider – and let the legacy continue.
Things to do in rejuvenating – lessons learnt

  • Instead of putting your legs in two different boats, focus on a single one. Instead of buying both a mo-bike and bicycle, just concentrate on one that’s more of your priority. (x ref: one focussed website domain is better than scattered ones)
  • Invest in a solid foundation for a better future or say a future that won’t drag you back (x ref: purchase a trustworthy webhost or a VPS rather than cheap offers)
    Lessons learnt in life
    Lessons Learnt: Mathew speak
  • Nothing is rocket science unless you understand it fully – focus on priorities and stuffs of importance rather than diversifying stuffs (x ref: take only a single client or the number of clients you can handle rather than stockpiles of your projects which will only put you in virtual hegemony but the pressure to accomplish them continues)
  • Earn image not money – a single project with fulfilling needs is more than multiple with higher bounce rates (x ref: never prioritize money but the work, the environment, the clients and the peripherals around that brings joy of life)
  • SLAs!!!! Well Service Level Agreements are here to stay, but never perform any job without any contracts or agreements of any sorts – verbal decisions are never acceptable, at least make a note of them and share with the needies (x ref: you never know what was the price you needed to pay for the service until you have the previous reference with you)
  • Life log miniatures – long back as a owner of a life logging miniature camera (people often mislead and misdescribed as a spy camera) Narrative Clip, wear it whenever possible and share it often – or at least make a private repo of the same. You never know what’s going to happen next.
  • Focus work not people. Focus on the people who understand your work. Respect only those who respect your work. Well, this may be more demanding but being professional is something else and being practical is Mars. Or did I over saw it?

I have been (less) writing for the bots or spiders but humans barely read or they have time to. All people have is time to pull the timeline. Hopefully timeline is something they keep doing often.
However, rejuvenating needs a refreshment and a new way of procrastinating – well, new way of defining the life’s tasks and not the goals. I’m setting tasks and activities but not the goals. Because if you run for goals you might just be so foxy.
Until next blog post, keep wondering!

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