Wanted: A New Girl For Hrithik Roshan

Wanted: a brand new leading lady for Hrithik Roshan in his father’s production which will be directed mid-2008 by the immensely talented Anurag Basu.

“I really need to get back behind the camera, It’s been quite a while since Life…In Metro released. I’m glad it worked. But I now need to move on.”

Anurag’s next film will be produced by Rakesh Roshan’s company Filmkraft and will feature Hrithik Roshan in a never-before avatar.

The interesting part of this action-romance would be the casting of the leading lady.

Hrithik will pair with a completely new girl, his first female debutant since his debut in Kaho Na…Pyar Hai five years.

“The theme is such that we need a fresh girl. We’re searching for her. If we don’t find the perfect debutante only then we may consider an established face,” says Anurag who earlier for his career-making film Gangster, discovered the stunning Kangana Ranaut.

“Yes,” laughs Anurag. “But every day isn’t a Sunday.And we may not get that lucky this time. However I’m extremely happy to be working with Hrithik who apparently saw Metro and liked it.

Hrithik and his father are very professional non-intefering people. An added bonus for doing this yet-untitled film is that Hrithik’s uncle Rajesh Roshan is doing the music. I’ve always been his big fan.”

While he waits to start his film with Hrithik, Anurag is scripting a film that he’s committed to do for UTV.

For now plans of making a sequel to Metro have been put on the back burner.

“I’ll do the sequel only when the script is better than the first part. Otherwise there’s no point in doing a sequel for any film,” says the filmmaker who has survived a terminal illness and is now doing the best work of his life.

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