Nepal's first President to be elected on 19 July 2008

After a long instability and political insane, Nepal’s indirect Presidential election is all set to go tomorrow. The Nepalese Constituent Assembly (CA) elected in April 2008 will elect a new president and vice-president after the Fifth Amendment to the Interim Constitution was passed on July 14. This would be the first president to be elected after Nepal became a republic few months earlier.

As the major political parties of Nepal failed to forge a common agreement on the presidential candidate until Wednesday evening, the office of the Election Officer (OEO) is set to take the procedure of electing the first president of the newest republic from Thursday. As part of the president election process, the OEO published the final votes list this afternoon.

Altogether 594 Constituent Assembly (CA) members are included in the list of voters who will be electing the country’s first president and vice president on Saturday.
The OEC published the names of 593 votes out of 601-CA members saying that the election is still due to take place in five constituencies and three CA members are still to be sworn-in. According to Kantipur sources, the election procedure will definitely move forward from Thursday if the political parties make no heady on the president and vice-president by 1 pm on Thursday.

Likewise, Ram Raja Prasad Singh took a candidacy form for the president. Singh lately remains far from the probable candidate for the presidential post though the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) had proposed him for the constitutional post earlier. The political parties finally decided to put the issue to a vote at the CA to elect the country’s first president after the deadlock over the appointment of president, vice-president and CA chair.

The election commision’s website writes on Election of Nepal’s First President and the First Presidential Election:

The process of electing the first president of republic Nepal began from Wednesday.As per the election program mentioned in the procedure passed by the Constituent Assembly, the voters’ list will be published at 10 am on Wednesday on which protests can be registered till 12 noon. The final list of voters will be published on 12:30 pm. On the basis of political understanding, presidential and vice president candidates will file nomination papers till 5 pm in the evening. However, if the political understanding is not forthcoming, nominations can be filed on Thursday between 10 am and 1 pm. The final list of candidates will be published at 5 pm on Thursday.The whole of Friday has been reserved for campaigning. The election will then take place between 11 am and 2 pm on Saturday. At 5 pm, the CA will declare the result of the winner. President can be elected based on simple majority. If none of the candidate gets majority, the top two candidates will head to second round of voting.
Only the CA members are eligible for voting in the election

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