Interesting sayings on What makes an Engineer!

Many, even already made engineers, might not agree but here is a cool list of interesting sayings on What makes an Engineer! Most of them from Asian part of the world – share your saying!

What makes an Engineer - funny cartoon
What makes an Engineer – funny cartoon
  1. For engineers every course apart from engineering is easy.
  2. An engineer learns to power of getting up at 9.25 am and reaching in the class at 9.30 am.
  3. T-shirt and jeans are engineers national dress.
  4. A normal person will fix the broken things but an engineer will first brake that thing and than he would fix it. This is his lab work you don’t have nay right to disturb him.
  5. An engineer can build a car, space ship and they even can make time machine. However they just can’t build a relationship with a girl.
  6. An engineer don’t care for the rise in rate of petrol or gold but they get mad when cigarette costs Rs.6 instead of 5.
  7. An engineer loves to solve a problem. If there is no problem than they will create one and would start solving it.
  8. An engineer touches his car and phone more than his girl, if he have.
  9. An engineer can have Dr. title but a doctor can’t have Er. title.
  10. An engineer can derive any relation just give them the final expression.
  11. Are you made of copper(CU) and tellurium(TE), because you’re CUTE. This is how Engineers flirt.
  12. Non engineers have great mind, genius mind , brilliant mind but an engineer never mind.
  13. An engineers’s worst nightmare is teacher taking the class but not taking attendance.
  14. An engineer can finish his syllabus in one night.
  15. An Engineer knows nothing, but only an Engineer knows this.
  16. An Engineer will never sleep in night and will never wake up in morning.
  17. An Engineer is the most innocent person in front of his parents.
  18. Never argue with an engineer because arguing with Engineers is like killing the mosquito on your cheek, you might or might not kill it, but you’ll end up slapping yourself.
  19. The most common dialogue on the opening day of an engineering college is, “Bro.. No special girls this year also….. !”
  20. No one can speak better English than an engineer who is having a bottle of beer in his hand.
  21. There is always a hidden folder in engineers laptop.
  22. An engineer’s worst nightmare is teacher taking the class but not taking attendance.

Engineer or Not? Share your engineering experience or glitch or what you call it 🙂

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