The quick answer is ages.

Let me rephrase the question on Internet woes in Nepal once: well, consider any options available to your domestic Internet supply (!) – you are to download a single ISO file from a software giant (Microsoft’s) website, how much time do you expect to spend for the download to complete? 4 hours, 14?

NT ADSL, forget it (universal response.)

NT WiMAX, forget it (even with both volume based and unlimited options, why?)

Wireless service providers, huh (do you know any one of them complying with QoS they promise?)

How much time does it take for you to download a single 4 GB ISO file from Microsoft CDN?

What speed? The famous 192 Kbps ADSL, or 128 that’s free after your package from most ISPs.

F2H, are we on verge to afford that fibre connection?

NT 3G, Sky CDMA, Ncell 3G (both packaged and unpackaged data)? Well, even tried 3G, one such is as illustrated here, Monitoring Internet Data Connectivity via the USD data device User Interface.

The average data connectivity observed with Ncell (402) WCDMA (3G) network is inconsistantly around thousand kilobits every second. However, who can wait for with 50Mb download every 5 min resulting almost unpredictive 7 hours of wait.

More on this to come with more analysis. Here, are some of my tweets to reflect the data woes in Nepal.