Apple iPhone 6s Plus Build - 5 Reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone 6S Plus

5 Reasons not to buy the Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Epic quote of the decade:
“Biggest thing happened to iPhone since iPhone”
“Best iPhone ever, yes ever!”
Quick ones, obviously not for Apple Boy:

  1. iPhone 6S Plus Display: There are many smartphones in the market with a display resolution of more than just full HD, i.e. 1920 x 1080….
  2. Storage off iPhone 6S Plus: ….Companies like Samsung and LG are launching their smartphones with at least 32GB storage space.
  3. Price figure of iPhone 6S Plus: Got money buy the shit, got none stop worrying.
  4. Build quality iPhone 6S Plus: Worried Unbox Therapy bendgate video.
  5. iPhone 6S Plus iSight Camera: 12MP shooters, someone out there got 42. f/2.2 lens to stay in Apple eye for years.

Apple has all the reasons to enjoy its highlight as the company has done great work in terms of making people excited about their devices, just like every year. The new iPhones were reveled during their two-hour long keynote in San Francisco, and crowd got pretty excited for these devices. Though, if I talk honestly, apart from the innovative features that company have claimed are the first to be introduced on the iPhones, there is probably very less upgrades done on the new devices.

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