Friends are an instant away on Yahoo! Messenger for the Vista- All new Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista, get the feel

It’s all new Yahoo Messenger built for Windows Vista. Think before downloading the new version of Y! Messenger. You might be addicted to Vista version of the Y! Messenger, as I am. Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Setup is a small setup file ymsgr_vista_us_setup.exe of 207 KB, complete set up of Yahoo! Messenger occurs by Internet downloading and installing on-the-fly. Download now Yahoo! Messenger for Vista – or find Yahoo! Messenger for the Web –


Installing Yahoo! Messenger for Vista presents you with ample customizing options including the optional download to the Yahoo! Toolbar. The Y! Messenger for Windows Vista is still in beta stage, so automatic updates are enabled by default, rather you can’t disable updates.

 Yahoo Messenger for Vista

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista is very alluring, it’s perfect for Vista appearance, you can suite your personal style in a number of ways.

  • Express yourself with new skins, colors, and textures.
  • Customize the size of your friends in the contact list.
  • Play with enhanced, animated emotions and a lot go.

 yahoo Messenger for Vista log in

The totally new login window for Yahoo! Messenger for Vista is very appreciating.

 yahoo Messenger for Vista signining in

The more appreciating thing than the login window is the Signing in… window followed by the sign in. Yahoo! Messenger for Vista presents a carefully coded animating window.

Don’t want to download Yahoo! Messenger for Vista, you can login right from the web browser of your choice.
No download required to IM with friends, Just sign in from your browser to IM with your Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger™ friends. Send text messages (SMS) to mobile phones, Friend not signed on? No problem — send a text message right to their phone for free.
Get there fast  – Type the shortcut into your browser –  

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