ekendraonline.com beta released, explore and get more

Finally after months of trial and error, doing jobs simultaneously, leaving assignments, unpreparing assessments, and keeping the pace with usnepal.com as is, I have finally released the beta version of my full fledged website cum blog. Viewable only with the URL: http://ekendraonline.com/ and don’t try to put www in the URL, that’s a different site and will be merged after finalization of this personal website.

I am supposed to include everything as like this Nearly Everything that I Latch on blog onto this website, until the beta tag is appendage, site stability may be an issue. Try it now and feedback me your precious words.

Presently included materials include:

  • All the engineering materials that’s already been published at various networks by me, of course it’s released under GNU
  • Windows Essentials- freewares that are really necessary for better computing
  • Helpful downloadable files related to removing Windows Viruses, and other security issues
  • More than 100+ ready made registry hacks
  • Tech tips and tricks to tweak and hack your Windows OS
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Amitabh Bachchan Blog in big adda

Amitabh Bachchan Blog in BigAdda.com is gaining more and more visitors each day making the blog site one of the most visited blogs in the whole blogosphere.
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Using Windows Live Writer for better blogging

Windows Live Writer About Smile Available as a part of Windows Live Installer, Windows Live Writer is a software client for publishing blog posts in rich-text environment similar to Microsoft Office Word, with a lot of plug ins available. Windows Live Writer can create and post entries on your weblog, and works with a variety of weblog services. With Windows Live Writer, you will not not require any other services working with/for Blogging. Most of the blogging platforms including WordPress, Blogger, Atom Publishing Protocol, TypePad, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Metaweblog API, Community Server and many others.

Choose Weblog Account Add weblog account in Windows Live Writer

Configuring Windows Live Writer is very easy. Just opt your choice. Click Another weblog services to see more service providers. You got tons of options the program preferences, accounts- managing and editing blog accounts, Blog This feature, Spelling, Plug-ins, Ping servers and a lot.

Moreover, a lot of 3rd party plug-ins are available in the Windows Live Writer Website- of which Insert Video, Insert Adsense Coder, Insert Picasa Link, and Insert Wikipedia Links are worth mentioning.

Preferences in Windows Live Writer instant preview in Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer enables you to edit using the visual style of your weblog. This enables you to see what your posts will look like online while you are editing them, instantly. Another plug in, WLW uses is Website Capture. here is the captured version of this weblog itself as captured from the Website Capture Plugin.

Careers in Blogging : Blog Issues I

Many freelance writers are beginning to find blogging is one of the newest career opportunities available to them. Blogging is essentially a series of postings on a particular subject which are listed in reverse chronological order. These blogs may be about a variety of different subjects and may be personal, political, informative, humorous or any other category desired by the blogger. However, the key to a successful blog is a blog which pertains to a subject which appeals to a wide audience. Additionally the blog should be updated regularly and should provide useful content to the readers of the blog. This article will provide some information on finding career opportunities in blogging, will discuss the benefits of this type of career and will provide information on how writers can manage a blog successfully.

Finding Blogging Career Opportunities
Although blogging career opportunities are becoming increasingly popular, many writers are not aware of how to find these wonderful opportunities. These career opportunities may be offered as ghost writing positions or as positions offering a byline to the writer and finding these blogging opportunities is often very similar to finding any other career opportunities for writers. Companies seeking a blogger may post the job opening in the same manner in which they would post other openings with the company such as accounting positions or administrative positions. Therefore, writers interested in a position as a blogger should utilize the same job search websites they rely on to find other career opportunities.

Bloggers may also wish to visit career websites and message boards which focus exclusively on careers in blogging. The ProBlogger.net website is just one example of a website dedicated exclusively to putting bloggers in connection with those who are interested in hiring a writer for a particular blog. Interested bloggers should also consider joining message boards for those who blog for a living. This can be beneficial because here bloggers are likely to share information regarding the companies for which they work as well as any information they have about companies who are currently looking to hire bloggers.

The Benefits of a Career in Blogging
There are many benefits to pursuing a career in blogging. Perhaps one of the most alluring benefits to a career in blogging is the work can typically be done as a telecommute position. This is because as long as the blogger has access to the software necessary to write and upload a blog, there is no need for the blogger to perform the work from a specific location. This means the blogger can reside virtually anywhere in the world and can likely perform the necessary work from his own home. However, not all blogging positions are telecommute positions. Some companies may require bloggers to perform the work onsite as a matter of personal preference.

Another benefit to a career in blogging is the ability to accomplish work at a pace which his convenient to the blogger. The blogger may be required to upload a new post to the blog according to a regular schedule but the actually writing of the posts can be accomplished when it is convenient for the blogger. Many blogging software packages enable the blogger to set a specific time for a specific post to be uploaded. This allows the blogger to write several posts at a time and have them publish according to a pre-determined schedule.

Finding Time to Blog
One of the problems which many bloggers face is finding the time to blog. This is especially difficult if the blogger maintains several blogs or if the blogger maintains a current events blog in which posts must be timely in order to be relevant and of interest to the readers. Writing blog posts in batches and scheduling them to publish as needed is one way to deal with managing several blogs. However, writers of blogs related to current events must take special care to budget their time wisely to ensure they are publishing topical blog posts. One way this can be accomplished is by setting aside time daily to reading current events to derive inspiration and then scheduling time after that to write and publish the blog. For example a blogger with a current events blog might choose to review the previous day’s news the first thing in the morning to ensure they are reviewing all of the relevant news from the previous day before writing the blog post.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-articles/careers-in-blogging-211829.html
About the Author:Li Ming Wong is an internet marketing entrepreneur.

Let's talk online!

For a long time now, I have badly been escated by something like Shout at what you want right at your sidebar/menubar of the page/blog. Again, frustated by many friends/kins to sign in to instant messengers to talk with them each time, they happen to know that ekendra’s online, I gotto get a bad impression, so let’s talk again.

But this time it’s a beta tester, I am looking for something new and smart. Anyway, I am online where are your dear?

Script- I: Blogs got better

nation calls- redefining blogging concept by Sameer Gurung

the dude sameer gurung

Yes, I really value this approach of Sameer in his new blogosphere postings at sameer150. Sameer has been enthralled by new party lines to blog but still deficient behind in some of his outlandish posts. [Sameer’s original weblog http://sameerinweb.blogspot.com is now a photoblog.]

After the muster of his personal website sameergurung.com, I have been looking forth for his some of the best posts yet in the net. Sameer sometimes get incensed for nothing, enchanted for naught, excitement but for flatness in the free psychopathic world.

Anyway I like his poems though not well versed, besides his bike reviews and some of the personal guff shuff. Sameer need to redefine his keyword concept to his new 150 blog- it’s all hoax-coax. A little knowing of JavaScript and html chunk codes could do better for him.

My suggestion for Sameer- keep up the spirit high but let it be as colorful as you are. All the best folk!

You might be wondering about the SEO of Sameer Gurung– I gave it try on some of the best engines over the web crawlers.

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