Quick policy to control Social Media – Internet censorship in Thailand

A couple of days back, I could not open my Google Apps email URL. This had never happened to me with Google services before. Then I quickly changed my subdomain to the main domain, and surprised to see my personal website cum blog has been blocked by MICT (Thai Ministry of Information and Communication Technology). However, the next morning I could successfully login back again. This was the case with HTTP URL protocol only, because I could still access mails via email clients in iPhone and Microsoft Outlook 2010.

As of now, Internet Censorship in Thailand is limited to website access only. By 2012, Thailand will most probably follow the current practices of China and India and require that the major international companies offering search and communications place servers for Thai users inside of Thailand ~ quoted.

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Yet another ICT Conference Kicks off in Kathmandu

12th CAN ICT Conference, Kathmandu
"The Internet is for Everyone" 12th CAN ICT Conference, Kathmandu

“The Internet is for everyone” is the motto of 12th CAN Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Conference going to be organize in Kathmandu this January 29-30 on the periphery of the 18th CAN Infotech Mela – the biggest IT exhibition in the country. This conference is jointly organized by Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) and Internet Society, Nepal Chapter; and supported by various government agencies. While Nepal is struggling to fully utilize the technological advancements in spite of many political hurdles, conferences as such would greatly impact ICT4D of the country.

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Free Public Wi-Fi in Thailand – ICT4D in action

A news published by the Bangkok Post on 29th August, 2011 reads the new Thai ICT Minister has vowed to make good on the government’s promise to provide free public WiFi hotspot services within three months. However, it is until now (December 27th, towards the end of the 4th month of announcement) only they have again words on introducing free public WiFi with initial coverage on the Greater Bangkok onward December 28th with as much as 20 thousand hotspot locations. They are working to double the number of hotspots within October next year.


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