Quick policy to control Social Media – Internet censorship in Thailand

A couple of days back, I could not open my Google Apps email URL. This had never happened to me with Google services before. Then I quickly changed my subdomain to the main domain, and surprised to see my personal website cum blog has been blocked by MICT (Thai Ministry of Information and Communication Technology). However, the next morning I could successfully login back again. This was the case with HTTP URL protocol only, because I could still access mails via email clients in iPhone and Microsoft Outlook 2010.

As of now, Internet Censorship in Thailand is limited to website access only. By 2012, Thailand will most probably follow the current practices of China and India and require that the major international companies offering search and communications place servers for Thai users inside of Thailand ~ quoted.

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Understanding LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

LEACH, Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy, is an application-specific protocol architecture for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). It has become one of the bases for developing new architecture protocols or modifying the existing one in WSN.

It is an adaptive and self-organizing protocol that minimizes the energy consumption in WSN. The underlying idea behind LEACH is the use of randomized rotation of the aggregators so that energy dissipation is shared evenly among all participating sensor nodes. LEACH is suitable only for smaller networks where Cluster Head Nodes communication with Base Station (BS) directly, that’s why we use LEACH in each independent cluster-like networks.

While I keep updating this article, here is my current presentation about Understanding LEACH protocol.

You can download source code of LEACH Algorithm from our download section.

Analysis of AIT’s web services & related technical suggestions

Since long AIT’s main website has been one of the best to demonstrate worst examples in design and related web services classes in AIT itself, seems like even professor’s couldn’t suggest the people behind the website.I had compiled a list of pitfalls and bad design points of the AIT website, namely ait.asia, back in my first semester; and after attending my forums (later CLIQ’s ones) I thought everything gonna be alright with time. But it remained the same after all. So, I’m not only going to figure out problems, but also related solutions from my technicalities (and maybe sometimes my suggestions are limited to my knowledge), hope it will be some betterment.

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10 Myths of Modern AIT

Disclosure: This article was scheduled to be published on October 23rd 2011, but since we had to evacuate AIT after the disastrous Thai Flood that ultimately inundated our AIT mother campus; it was kept in draft. And now, I finally decided to public it. AIT, now after flood, has got another big opportunity to grow in huge the campus infrastructure and the environment even better than previous. Hope some points in this article can account for the improvements.

Based on my experience of AIT, I have prepared 10 modern myths of modern AIT. Most of the points are based on what I did expect before coming, even before being accepted to admission and what actually I found here, what many of the students find here. These are randomly list, not prioritized in any order. 10 Modern Myths of AIT (unexpectables?) is my personal experience and believing, AIT’s different (show your love).

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AIT is Different!

Spread the word: Innovation and motivation; image from AIT's facbook pageAsian Institute of Technology, popularly AIT, is very popular in our part of the world. Every good student wants to earn a prestigious degree from AIT. There are many fields of studies among three schools in AIT namely, School of Engineering and Technology (SET), School of Environment, Resource and Development (SERD) and School of Management (SOM). On this blog post, I’ve managed to quote (tho’ very few) expressions about and its uniqueness;as told in various orientations and school interaction with the students including the forums.

AIT is not like any other university. This is not where you come, attend classes, give exam and pass away. This is something totally different. What is different you have to come and realize being an asset of AIT or I’ll share over coffee (really it’s secret)

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Useful Tips and Tricks in using LaTeX

Some Commonly Used Packages for Thesis writing in LaTeXHere are some really useful tips and tricks to be used for LaTeX documentations like Journal papers or even your thesis reports. I have compiled some of them which I encountered during my Thesis and special study.

* How to remove or hide page number from (front page) LaTeX Document?

Often we have to remove the page number from the front page of our document say Thesis proposal. I have tried out many suggestions but finally one which I found best and easiest to hide page number is given here:

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Basic Guide to OMNeT++ : Installation, Configuration and Building

OMNeT++ - The Open Simulator
OMNeT++ - The Open Simulator, official page at http://omnetpp.org

OMNeT++ is a discrete event based network simulation framework which provides modularity in open architecture for simulation of computer and related communication networks. OMNeT++ Modeling and Simulation is being used by many researchers and academicians in recent years. We present here basic step by step guide to use OMNeT++, its installation, configuration and building along with screenshots. The basic guideline is published at http://omnetpp.org/doc/omnetpp41/InstallGuide.pdf. Continue reading

Graduation and the Energy

AIT celebrated its 115th Graduation Ceremony today May 26th, 2011 (live broadcasted on: ). Total 428 Graduates from 24 countries of 4 continents graduated from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) with big smiles on their faces and overwhelming energy. Congratulations to all my graduating seniors in this very day.

Congratulations to AIT Graduates
Congratulations to AIT Graduates

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Live Update: Nepal Vs Afghanistan U19 Elite Cup Final

Final Game: Nepal vs Afghanistan Elite Cup U-19 Cricket Final, नेपाल र अफगानिस्तानको यू-१९ बिचको फाइन खेल

We are trying to live the Elite Cup U-19 final of Nepal vs Afghanistan from Thailand. Right now, here is the Nagariknews LIVE ACC U-19 Elite Cup Final Nepal Vs Afghanistan for ACC U-19 Elite Cup Final Nepal Vs Afghanistan

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