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Spread the word: Innovation and motivation; image from AIT's facbook pageAsian Institute of Technology, popularly AIT, is very popular in our part of the world. Every good student wants to earn a prestigious degree from AIT. There are many fields of studies among three schools in AIT namely, School of Engineering and Technology (SET), School of Environment, Resource and Development (SERD) and School of Management (SOM). On this blog post, I’ve managed to quote (tho’ very few) expressions about and its uniqueness;as told in various orientations and school interaction with the students including the forums.

AIT is not like any other university. This is not where you come, attend classes, give exam and pass away. This is something totally different. What is different you have to come and realize being an asset of AIT or I’ll share over coffee (really it’s secret)

Luckily, the professor who quoted this was graduate student from AIT, and sometimes takes special lectures in AIT.

AIT is a home away from home. Home of multicultural and multinational experiences.

That’s so true about AIT, it is different. In any classroom there are students are many nationalities. And AIT is a home, specially when it comes to celebration and observation of multicultural diversities in one single platform.

AIT is different, you do more research than study. Research is for developing yourself while study gets you official degree. AIT does the both.

Facts, show that annually many students publish paper specially based on their research and thesis work, and other special tasks in AIT.

Doing a thesis mean you’re contributing to the field. It is not just collecting the data and verifying somebody’s already derived formula. AIT’s different. You need to have something of your own.

Whenever, I find interesting quotes expressing “AIT’s Different” I shall update this post.

Image source: Spread the word: Innovation and motivation; from AIT’s Facbook page

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