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The Computer Association of Pokhara Engineering College, CAPEC, Phirke, Pokhara conducted a one-day seminar on IT- Today and Tomorrow today. It was really nice that I attended such a scholarly seminar where papers were presented by really passionate and some learned personnel specialized in their own fields.

The seminar highlighted the CAPEC Evolution as one of the approaches in the IT Sector of Nepal outside Kathmandu with a theme Technology Evolves here. The local session included aspects of computer science studies focussing the IT arena and the braindrain in computer field.

A representative from Infomax College presented a well informative session about the IT in various sectors– IT in Academic, Health, Industrial, Governmental, Commercial and so on. Information produced related to hacking of Nepalese governmental sites, e-learning or distance learning, e-paper, data mining technology wrt D2Hawkey and IT innovation in clinical software; triple play and quadruple play convergence, SIP, SPIT (Spam in Internet Telephony) and a lot. Also generated discussion included IT loopholes and security issues such as SQL injection, buffer overflow, cross-scripting, algol, interoperability.

Web based applications are making profit thru cleaverly engineered advertising schemes, and all end users should be innovated to it with securities and maximization theory of use.

Another Presentator, Er Kiran KC, highlighted the aspects of Network Security based on the informative point of the same. The focus was made on full fledged networked systems, malicious insiders, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), VPN, remote login and so on.

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It’s how you are networking or system experties– with this main theme another presenter Mrs Prativa Gurung from PCT (Pokhara College Technology) lectured about Red Hat Enterprise Linus and Fedora.

The discussion on the seminar about which is the best and secure OS between Open Sourced Linux and propriotary Microsoft Windows was rather excited though the final inferences drawn would eventually not aligned to any of these OSes.

Career guidance and Opportunities on IT was higlighted wrt BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) from Infomax College representative.

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