Network Security Quiz Questions-Answers

Included here are various questions of Network and Information Security. Find Network Security Quizzes, MCQs, Interview Questions, Yes/No or True/False Questions and other logical questions. Also include Information Security questions.

  1. What is more secure SSL or HTTPS?
  1. Your machine has an antivirus installed and functioning properly. Do you still need to run its browser extension? Why?
  1. If you had to both encrypt and compress data during transmission, which would you do first, and why? State your logic for each options.
  1. Name one third-party service to confirm whether the given website is secure to surf.
  1. Can you determine physical address of a packet being traced in Wireshark?
  1. Both SFTP and SSH runs on same port #22. If so, in what case you need to use each of them separately?
  1. Which of the following protocols and system IS/ARE NOT commonly used to provide various degrees of security services in computer network? (a) IP filtering (b) Reverse Address Translation (c) IP security Architecture (IPsec) (d) Firewalls (v) Sock


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