Wikipedia Wants Your Money to Make it a Go

wikipedia- the-free-encyclopedia Most probably this is not the first time Wikipedia- The Free Encyclopedia is asking for monetary help to make the fund go on so as to survive it’s board of 23 staffers. This time Wikipedia’s dad, Jimmy Wales made a personal appeal for more donations, obviously to keep the encyclopedia and its employees going.

It’s been apparent that most of the donations appear to range from $10 to $50, and some of the donors have added comments along with the cash. Some of the comments are really surprising while others usual ada ada.

“I love Wikipedia because it makes me appear smarter.” Not be smarter, just look smarter. Because ultimately isn’t that what people really want?

The shameless appeal for money has opened up the Wiki-peeps to yet more criticism, the primary complaints being a) why don’t they just run ads like the rest of us poor blogging schlubs? and b) why should these 23 folks take home paychecks and not the 150,000 or so obsessive-compulsive types who actually create and maintain the encyclopedia?

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