Nepali animal rights activists urge CA to help control animal carnage

An animal rights lobby has decided to urge the Nepali Constituent Assembly (CA) committees concerned to help control the animal carnage. The lobby has gained momentum in the country due to the upcoming Gadhimai festival in Bara district where some 500,000 animals are expected to be sacrificed.

According to Monday’s report, the activists plan to write to the CA Committee on Natural Resources, Economic Rights and Revenue Sharing, Committee on Cultural and Social Solidarity, and Committee on Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles in this regard.

"Since the CA is in a position to interfere right now, we have decided to write to the committees concerned," Manoj Gautam, country coordinator of Roots & Shoots, Nepal, said, adding, "Even if the event cannot be totally banned, the government can control the entry of animals from India for sacrifice at the festival."

Stating that animal welfare and conservation issues are correlated, Gautam added, "It is high time the authorities look at the long-term consequences of such events."

A group of animal rights activists has also planned to dispatch a team to document the transfer of animals from neighboring India. Of the total animals — comprising buffaloes, piglets, chickens, rats, goats, baby goats, roosters, and pigeons — 70 percent are brought from India.

In addition, street plays will be held at various places to raise awareness against the killings.

The animal sacrifice in the Gadhimai festival is carried out mostly by Indians from Bihar state, where any animal sacrifice is prohibited around the Bodhgaya periphery where Gautam Budhha attained nirvana, the report said.

According to the website, animal rights activists in India, led by the Indian Member of Parliament Menaka Gandhi, have strengthened their campaign against the barbaric killing of animals in what is said to be the world’s biggest animal sacrifice fair.

They also submitted a petition to Nepali Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal a week ago, asking the government to denounce the festival.

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