Stretch That Litre

In order to get the maximum mileage from your motorcycle you should keep the following points in mind.


  • Drive at steady speed (between 40 to 50 km/hr)
  • Maintain correct tyre pressure
  • Adjust drive chain tension correctly
  • Get your engine tuned and motorcycle serviced regularly by a Hero Honda authorized dealer
  • Do not keep the clutch lever pressed while riding
  • Do not run the engine in low gear for long times
  • Do not park your motorcycle under direct sunlight as it causes evaporation of petrol
  • Do not keep brake pedal pressed while riding
  • Do not raise the engine rpm during traffic halts
  • Switch off the engine if the halt is for more than 30 seconds
  • Do not cover Inlet of Air Filter assembly
  • Do not cover the engine in the front and sides. This may restrict the smooth air flow to the engine fins required for air cooling and the engine may run at a higher temperature.
In case you wish to have the fuel efficiency tested, please take your motorcycle to the nearest dealer and ask for a fuel efficiency test (“KPL test”) done. They can then also make any adjustments that are found necessary.

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