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It’s too late that Facebook announced something called username to identify users of their uniqueness. Now you can have a username for your Facebook profile. All the users of FB can get their own username (only 1 permitted username allowed) besides their already had logged in username called email.

Not getting anything! Here’s the story. Now you will have facebook.com/yourname. Cool huh!

facebook_username There is difference. You have your own email address which is being used to log into FB but now you can have the username too. This is to say: previously your Facebook profile page was named: www.facebook.com/people/Your_Name/735348760 but now it can be modified according to the username you opted to look like this http://www.facebook.com/ekendra. This is the first come first serve basis. So, a fake people could be using your id to make: facebook.com/yourname for identifying their own profile page and NOT yours. So, hurry up now, how to create your own Facebook username?

FB says: easily direct friends, family, and coworkers to your profile with a FB username. But there has been going name spamming- bad people are creating fake Facebook profiles and using other’s identity or name.

Who is this supposed to check? Facebook? …

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