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This post is the pure dedication for the obvious reasons. Bona fide writing are done injustice, at least for me. Last time, I had to privatize my blog owing to all 18(approx calculations) visits per day just from the same person, I didn’t bother to browse but Why? Simply, I restricted the access.tux-boxeur kicks ekendra's blog (Not a first time experience, I let them do so.)

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It was Mountain View user(s)- searching or analyzing Warner Music case with YouTube and other associated or none posts. Was it Google? I am not suppose to know about for the smallest payout of G Ads that deliver to my blog. Alas! I am in Masbar- one of the poorest lands in the whole world(I pride on saying this), Internet is a far-approach access let alone some needs of daily calories, commuters, humdrum moments, edge cutting and guessing speeches of the leaders, and much more to list about. Yet, I love it, I need to.

For a cup of tea in Nepal, I had to give up a cup of Espresso in CA. I mean to say blogging is just a hobby of mine- now– it used to be an obsession. Blogging of bucks is not what I ever oriented to be or a pro like posts. It’s a passion, a compassion and flourishing but bleached vibrations in my neurons. Will Mountain View if compared to Masbar, yield a justifiable outcome? I have no options, but wait for at least my entire life time. Internet is a no-heard or if not rare-of-use thing here in my place.

Wireless or 3G is of no use, rather go to attend a press conference on aborting and stopping a High Level Commission for (Information) Technology Development where a leader, of course neither the responsible official nor the Science & Tech Ministry will respond to the speech by another Maoist leader. Trying to be more specific but yet a Nepali.

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