34 Government websites hacked in Nepal

Quit late at the info, right? But as usual I was not shocked by reading this news in You Can Hack!!! blog. Instead I was eagerly searching for some internal news related to the hacking of Government websites in Kathmandu. Webmaster seems to know nothing about running and maintaining these Governmental websites at all. Moreover, this is a sarkari kaam and how could he be dedicated to this.

The previous contents of the websites is no more in backup. Whole server has been damaged. The authorized engineer claimed that the server was actually down because of lack of power. Due to some technical problem in server all the backup data now is lost.Government is trying to re-enter all the data and information to the computer.

This is the true scenario of Nepal Government’s IT walas. In the past, we have heard many such hacking news not only of Government websites but also of Music industry related persons. The Ministry had in their mouth: shutting down of websites and server failure is solely due to loadshedding. But as usual and the past record verify that these sites are hacked purely, and nothing else than this is true.

Annually millions of brain drain experience are on and not to state of the IT industry, also there is no any less manpower in the Web Security field in Nepal, this is obvious- the trend is as usual only the name of country has changed – NAYA NEPAL.

Further info on You Can Hack!!! blog by suraZ or Google it here.

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