Mumbai Terror Attack – Who owns the Responsibility?

The 26 November 2008 Mumbai attacks sees the insight plan of the terrorists who might have very brainly acted on it. What a shame on Indian intelligence agencies and govt. that terrorists almost ransacked the Mumbai city with terrorist attacks. The terror attack has surely shaken us all and we just hope our laidback govt. takes strong actions against the terrorist outfits that are sprouting up all over the country; writes one of the popular websited from India. 

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What’s worrying about the entire episode is the meticulous planning that was done (terrorists came from Karachi via sea route – the weakest security link) – of which Indian intelligence agencies had no clue of.
Hope this is a reason strong enough for Manmohan Singh (puppet?) to take responsibility of chaos that he and his govt. has caused in the country – either step down or show some guts.

For Mumbaikars, our heart goes out to you guys – you deal with internal as well as external terrorism and have the energy to bounce back. Hats off to your shaken, not stirred attitude.

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