Falling Apart – Thursday Humor

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Here is another nice piece of Thursday Humor, in another form of phrases and this time it is Falling Apart. After reading this piece of humor, don’t say it is a nice poem or something like.

There’s quite an art to falling apart ….
as these years go by.
And life Doesn’t begin at 40 ….
That’s a Big Fat Lie!
My hair’s gettin’ thinner ….
my Body is Not.
The few Teeth I have ….
are beginning to Rot!

I smell of Vick’s-Vapo-Rub ….
Not Chanel #5.
My new Pacemaker’s all ….
that keepin’ me alive!

When asked of my past ….
Every Detail I’ll know.
But what was I doin’ ….
just 10 minutes ago?

Well, you get the Idea ….
what More can I say?
I’m off to read the Obits ….
like I do every Day.

If my name is not there ….
I’ll once again Start –
Perfecting the Art ….
Of Falling Apart!

But til’ That Last Curtain ….
Decides to Fall,
I’m gonna’ have ….
Myself a Ball!

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