Falling Apart – Thursday Humor

Here is another nice piece of Thursday Humor, in another form of phrases and this time it is Falling Apart. After reading this piece of humor, don’t say it is a nice poem or something like.
There’s quite an art to falling apart ….
as these years go by.
And life Doesn’t begin at 40 ….
That’s a Big Fat Lie!
My hair’s gettin’ thinner ….
my Body is Not.
The few Teeth I have ….
are beginning to Rot!
I smell of Vick’s-Vapo-Rub ….
Not Chanel #5.
My new Pacemaker’s all ….
that keepin’ me alive!
When asked of my past ….
Every Detail I’ll know.
But what was I doin’ ….
just 10 minutes ago?
Well, you get the Idea ….
what More can I say?
I’m off to read the Obits ….
like I do every Day.
If my name is not there ….
I’ll once again Start –
Perfecting the Art ….
Of Falling Apart!
But til’ That Last Curtain ….
Decides to Fall,
I’m gonna’ have ….
Myself a Ball!

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