VIP humor with Bill Gates

I was in the VIP lounge last week en route to Seattle. While in the lounge, I notice Bill Gates sitting on the chesterfield enjoying a cognac. I was meeting with a very important client who was also flying to Seattle with me but she was running a bit late.

Actual Accident Summaries

The following are real statements found on insurance claim forms. Drivers attempted to summarize the details of an accident succinctly. — Coming home, I drove into wrong house and collided with a tree I don’t have. —

The Stones: The Rolling Stones: The thursday humor

This is another interesting thursday humor at ekendra’s blog. The Rolling Stones are here for you. The Rolling Stones circled New York’s sprawling Van Cortlandt Park in a yellow blimp emblazoned with their red tongue trademark, announcing the onset of their upcoming tour, a 40th anniversary extravaganza:

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