Project Engineering EG706CE

Course Objectives
To provide the student with the fundamental concepts of initiating, planning, scheduling and controlling projects.

1.0 Introduction:(3 hours)
1.1 Project definition
1.2 Setting project objectives and goals
1.3 Project phases, project life cycle
2.0 Project Planning and Scheduling:(18 hours)
2.1 Planning function
2.2 Network models – CPM/PERT
2.3 Project scheduling with limited resources
2.4 Wiest’s algorithms
2.5 Manpower leveling
2.6 Multiproject scheduling
2.7 Materials scheduling
2.8 Mathematical programming for minimum cost or maximum project return (simplex technique for linear programming)
3.0 Project Monitoring and Control:(10 hours)
3.1 Systems of control
3.2 Project control cycle
3.3 Feedback control systems
3.4 Cost control
3.5 Work breakdown structure
3.6 Introduction to project management information systems
4.0 Capital Planning and Budgeting:(10 hours)
4.1 Capital planning procedures
4.2 Preparation of operating budgets
4.3 Fixed and flexible budgets
4.4 Introduction to budgetary control
5.0 Impact Analysis:(4 hours)
5.1 Social impact analysis
5.2 Environmental impact analysis
5.3 Economic impact analysis
1.0 Arnold M. Ruskin and W. Eugene Estes, “Project Management”, Marcel Dekker Publishers, 1982.
2.0 Joseph J. Moder and Cecil R. Phillips, “Project Management with CPM and PERT”, Van Nostrand Reinhold Publishers, Latest Edition.
1.0 L. S. Srinrat, “Pert and Application”, East-West Press.
2.0 A. Bhattacharya and S. K. Sorkhel, “Management by Network Analysis”, The Institution of Engineers (India).
3.0 Prasanna Chandra, “Projects: Preparation, Appraisal, Implementation”, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi.

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