Minor Project EG677CT

Course Objectives
To learn visual programming by carrying out a small project. During the project, the student will learn visual programming tool (JAVA/Visual Basic/Visual C++ or any current trend of visual tool). The student will also learn to formulate project documentation for his/her final year project. The project may be on the following areas or any other area relevant to the course:

1.Simulation of signaling in Microprocessor
2.Measurement converters to be used in web pages
3.Bar chart generator in web pages
5.Cross word puzzle
6.Simulation of Electronic circuits
7.Simulation of logical circuits
1. Java Programming Language: (15 hours)
1.1. Introduction to Java
1.2. Java grammar
1.3. Variable and data types
1.4. Operators, statements, functions
1.5. Objects
1.6. Event handlers
2. Project guidance:(6 hours)
3. Project on visual programming:(39 hours)
The project document shall include the following items:
1. Technical description of the mini project
2. System aspect of the project
a. Baseline performance of the system
b. Performance analysis methodology
c. Reusability of modules in the software
3. Project sponsors if any
4. Implementation area
5. Project tasks and time schedule
6. Project team members and team leader
7. Project supervisor

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