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This article applies to Windows Vista and assumes that you have administrative credentials for following process to execute.crd_credential_file_icon

Using Credential Backup and Restore Wizard we can either back up to removable drive or hard disk or restore the same. This will ensure to store your username and passwords of Windows Vista in safe way. If you want to    regain your credentials this will be very helpful but you need to backup first.

  1. Goto Start button >> Run >> credwiz.exe
    Goto Start button >> credwiz in searchbox
    Note: This program is located in C:\Windows\System32. Confirm with the screen shot shown below.Back up or restore your stored user names and passwords
    Screenshot 1: Back up or restore your stored user names and passwords
  2. Depending upon your need opt out to Back up your stored user names and passwords and define where do you want to back up your stored logon credentials?
    If you want to store your Windows Vista user names and passwords in removable device including iPhone, Mobile phone or pen drives, browse and define the file name (which will be assigned file extension .crd & logo shown as above)backup-credentials-store
    Screenshot 2: Where do you want to back up your stored logon credentials?
  3. Step 2 will accomplish our task but to password protect our credentail back up file, we need to proceed as shown in screenshot 3. For this purpose press CTRL+ALT+DELETE from your keyboard and then enter the password of your desire or even the Windows logon password.backup-credentials-ctrl
    Screenshot 3: Password protect your logon credential backup file

This process will allow you to back up your desktop access in secure way protecting Windows Vista User names and passwords.

End of Store you Windows Vista User Names and Passwords safe in removable disk.

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