This article assumes you having at least knowledge of working with the BIOS and the story presented here is the real time case scenario of mine.

This is all about installing Windows 7 on computer with preinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. This will supposedly work with Windows XP regardless of 32 or 64 bit.

Since we wanted to install Windows7 on another partition or drive, we had to make to create a new windows partition for which you can use the Windows Vista’s hard disk shrink features or use third party partition manager tools. The space on the primary logic drive (C:\) was not enough to shrink space, we had to use third party tools. Again, trouble is with 64x Vista. Not all partition manager tools work in 64 bit, or a few tools. Eventually, we downloaded EASEUS (read as EASE US) Partition Master Ultimate Edition, be advised that only Ultimate edition of EASEUS Partition manager works with 64 bit Vista System.

We assume that you know how to create a partition out of already well spaced (mean spacious in terms of memory). Keep in your mind that Microsoft recommends 16GB hard disk space for 32 bit Windows 7 platform and 32 GB for 64 bit versions.

Please, follow the screenshots for the complete visual guide to partitioning hard disk. Once you apply the partition size, you need to reboot to accomplish the task.

EASEUS Partition Master Boot Mode is what you’ll see on the way to rebooting your laptop and here Resizing Partition actually occurs during start up in two operations defines cluster size and partition size.

System will reboot again automatically to let you have another brand new hard disk drive partition of the desired space (Recommended 16GB for 32bit and 20GB for 64bit Windows 7).


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