Basic features and Advantages of Microprocessors

The following features enable microprocessor to be a versatile component in an instrumentation system.

  1. Memory
  2. Decision making power based on previously entered  values
  3. Repeatability of the reading
  4. Digital read-out and interactiveness
  5. Parallel Processing
  6. Time sharing and multiprocessing
  7. Data storage, retrieval and transmission
  8. Effective control of multiple equipment in time sharing basis
  9. Microprocessors are extremely used where a lot of processing is required

Advantages of Microprocessor based system in an industry

  1. Reduce operating cost, particularly fuel-saving via optimizing control strategies
  2. Reduce product give away thru more uniform operations and lighten control enforcement
  3. Improve responsiveness to change in process, product specification and addition of new products
  4. Incorporate strategies to minimize product offset resulting from plant equipment failure or unanticipated process conditions and improve plant safety
  5. Improve more timely information on plant operations and maintenance managers to enable them to keep a plant running longer and more efficiently
  6. Improve integration of plant operation through co-ordinated control strategies
  7. Information exchange with other plant for proper synchronization
  8. Relational Database Management (RDBM) approach and statistical process control strategies


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