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The Fox, the Cock, and the Dog – Aesop's Fables


One moonlight night a Fox was prowling about a

farmer’s hen-coop, and saw a Cock roosting high up

beyond his reach. ‘Good news, good news!’ he cried.

‘Why, what is that?’ said the Cock.

‘King Lion has declared a universal truce. No beast may

hurt a bird henceforth, but all shall dwell together in

brotherly friendship.’

‘Why, that is good news,’ said the Cock; ‘and there I

see some one coming, with whom we can share the good

tidings.’ And so saying he craned his neck forward and

looked afar off.

‘What is it you see?’ said the Fox.

‘It is only my master’s Dog that is coming towards us.

What, going so soon?’ he continued, as the Fox began to

turn away as soon as he had heard the news. ‘Will you not

stop and congratulate the Dog on the reign of universal


‘I would gladly do so,’ said the Fox, ‘but I fear he may

not have heard of King Lion’s decree.’

Cunning often outwits itself.

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