Windows rocks, the total sales of Mac in last 2 years < sales of Windows in last 2 weeks 😛

Windows Surface looks promising with the great cover keyboard and Win8 and not to forgot Apple has copied dozen of things, the one to mention latest is Android status bar 😀

Let Windows Surface come, Apple is only surviving because of fan boys now. With Steve Jobs, Apple is also dying, slowly and slowly and will see same fate as BlackBerry 🙂

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Android still doesn’t deliver that smoothness, not an issue with Android, because Android was never meant for touch phones and it is now working with touch phones bcos of upper layer of API and is not natively supported by the system. To make Android smooth, everything has to be re written from the core, invalidating all apps on the market !

Why can’t some people stop barking about Apple Products beyond any limits ? Why can’t Apple stop suing other companies and let the competition be fair ? Why can’t we Indian gets Apple products at same time as US ? Why can’t we get same config in Mac Books for same price or a bit more but not 3X ?

We are the consumers, and we decide the fate of a company as a whole, it is our right to comment on different products. If you don’t have an opinion, you have all the option to remain silent !

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iSheep: Bill Gates Tablet PC, Steve Jobs iPad