Download entire Wikipedia

Lastime, I shared “download full backup of TPB” – torrent files store house, and this time it is Wikipedia, the English version of which can be downloaded at it entirety. So, how to download the entire Wikipedia? Simple. open your BitTorrent app maybe uTorrent, get this Wikipedia’s .torrent file and get it pulled. The …

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Problem with rvlradio; try this

Those of you who can’t listen @rvlradio via their website, you can play this URL via VLC or any other media player, even on your phone.BTW they are using http not rtsp (protocol for audio streaming)

Download full backup of The Pirate Bay before it goes down!

Megaupload, then BT Junkie, and next is the TPB. If you can’t survive without TPB, download a copy of it – Only 90 MB: Soon The Pirate Bay will stop linking to .torrent files! Question that remains unanswered, is SOPA operating underground now.

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