Facebook Places go viral – can Nepalese business benefit?

Facebook has been virally implementing places in almost every possible modules in the site after purchase a location-based social network site Gowalla this week. The check-in feature in Facebook is the one to go virtual after its availability in the mobile version of the social site Facebook including the touch edition of the same. But does this have real effect in Nepalese business?

The new facebook timeline gives its user ability to add-in life events like a dairy, the places module in which gives all your stories about location, where one has lived, how many trips covered. Plus geo-location based photos is what Facebook has been focusing now. Time and again it is asking me “You have been to Pattaya on …. have you taken this photo there?” awesome… it looks like. Since many of the photos are already meta GPS coordinates embedded (not a good word for this for sure), Facebook can automatically determine the place, but asking user to verify is surely a good thing.


This screenshot from Facebook places show stories on places shared, places lived and other location based life event, followed by the photos taken at various places.

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Non intermittent Rain, Pokhara City and the Home Stay

For last few days, it has been raining non-intermittently in the valley of Pokhara. The Monsoon madness has already shown the impacts to people. Landslides, floods and erosion are inevitable during Monsoon in Nepal from April till October. This cause lots of loss of life and property in our country annually. We just pretend to be watching or hearing the news rather than acting as always; however the Government should not be putting oil in its ears and eyes during such natural calamities. Continue reading

Funny Politicians – Facebook exposure of Nepalese Politicians’ Cartoon

Facebook, in recent days, is been loaded with so many funny pictures of Nepalese Politicians – these Photoshopped images are just coming out on the time of Maoists bandhs, leaders failing to write constitution in time, and all those political chaos that’ s been surmounting Nepalese development.

Due to Nepal Government regulations and broken Facebook image links, cartoons published on this page are no more available. Thank you for understanding. – Updated Sept 6, 2014
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Three things about myself on networking sites and blogging

wordpress-twitter-facebook-logos-togetherWow, yet not tough or anything to write about myself on this blog – here goes on certainties on principle of ethics and networking. What Twitter, Facebook and Blogging to mean on the other side of the view?

I’ve been Facebooking for 6 years by now: Facebook has given a lot of good stuffs along with some few unavoidable circumstances to the offline world, however everything depends on you entirely – how you use Facebook and for what purpose you use Facebook. I suggest people to follow strict FB privacy rules according to your necessity, you can completely be on FB and appear offline to the world completely.

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Facebook username get yours today

It’s too late that Facebook announced something called username to identify users of their uniqueness. Now you can have a username for your Facebook profile. All the users of FB can get their own username (only 1 permitted username allowed) besides their already had logged in username called email.

Not getting anything! Here’s the story. Now you will have facebook.com/yourname. Cool huh!

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