List of Program in Numerical Methods

Here are few programs written in C++ Programming Language for the Numerical Methods course for beginner Engineering Students. Sample codes, executing files and sometimes background theory can be found. Please, report back if you came across broken links or incorrect coding or anything you found to complain about. Queries will be replied.

  1. To write a program to calculate the roots of a quadratic equation ie ax^2+bx+c=0
  2. To calculate the real roots of an equation using Bisection Method
  3. To calculte the real roots of an equation using Regula Falsi (Bracketing) Method
  4. To calculate atleast one root of a cubical equation correct to 3 decimal place using Newton Raphson (NR) Method
  5. To understand and use Lagrange’s Interpolation for a polynomial to determine functional value of data
  6. To solve the linear equation using Gauss Elimination Method
  7. To calculate the Inverse of a Matrix using Gauss Jordon Method
  8. To calculate the value of an integer using Trapezoidal rule both when functional values are given and values NOT given
  9. To evaluate ordinary differential equations by RK-4 (Classical) Method

Note: If you want to add more programs of the same topics in this list (external links exercised), contact us

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