Another instance of brutality : Gadhimai animal sacrifice

While we are still having a huge response to Denmark is a big shame- The sea is stained in red and in the mean while it’s not because of the climate effects of nature, we move to our own country where thousands of animals are slaughtered in the shake of religion. And the Government is dumb. This is the ‘World’s biggest animal sacrifice‘.


This is another visual topic discussion about Sacrificing a large number of animals in Gadhimai,Bariyapur VDC-1, Bara District, Nepal. The Gadhimai Management Committee is bent on slaughtering the animals as per the historic tradition to appease the deity. The sacrifice is scheduled for November 24 and 25 in Bara district.

Another instance of brutality : Gadhimai animal sacrifice is a post reply in response to one of our visitor/commentator who expressed his thoughts about Denmark is a big shame- The sea is stained in red and in the mean while it’s not because of the climate effects of nature.


buffaloes killed in Gadhimai, pic from

There is a Group called Stop Killing Animals in the name of sacrifice( Stop Gadhimai Sacrifice) act now in Facebook, you can join it to participate in lowering animal violence and brutality.

Brutal acts on animals in Gadhimai Mela Nepal

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There have been enough protests and petitions regarding this Gadimai festival, but nothing seems to work for now.

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13 thoughts on “Another instance of brutality : Gadhimai animal sacrifice”

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  2. Simply such large scale slaughter of animals should be managed well, if this is directed by a divine doctrine or Hindu religion, this might be modified.

    Since this is a long run practice, Gadhimai festival is not sure to be eliminating animal killings in few years by now in spite of heavy protests.

  3. nepalis are suffering because of this stupid tradition,no common sense,its a buddhist state but follow inhuman brutality.All will go to hell for this sins….

  4. what a TERRIBLE torture! such a disgusting, painful and shameful act!!! there are NO words that could express this endless pain, sadness and tears of all those innocent beings…

  5. Preetam_singh90

    The vegetarian Gods have become non-vegetarian because by doing that
    some people will be able to take mutton, beef or pork or what not, any
    thing that is living .You go to the famous Kali temple at Kolkata or
    Rajrappa Temple in Jharkhand you may collapse to see hundreds of heads
    of dead animals, clotted blood, faecal matters lying at the entry door
    of the temple. What a non-sense way to please the God!! We must have
    to educate people to stop killing of animals on the name of religious tradition.

  6. Just ask your self this question:

    How it feels if they did it to you or for any of your love ones, like your son??!!

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