Loadshedding, 8-cell x 2 batteries and NFS Undercover

Need for speed UndercoverDe facto, this post is a merge of unpublished Updates from the poorest country of the world where the loadshedding, bandhs and political chaos could not make Nepal more poorer than this as there’s no available lower limit of peace, prosperity and the development.

नेपाली पारा क्या काइदा शायद फाईदा होला यो, अब २४ घन्टे दिनमा १२ १६ घण्टा अन्धकारमा बस्ने भएपछी हामी म नेपाली आफ्नो पहिचान र भोटप्रती आसन्कित हुन बिबस छौ छु ।

The three trio of now-a-days agenda of mine. In a single instant, while the loadshedding persist I could still enjoy, not without 8-cell x 2 batteries, NFS Undercover letting federal units down, crashing and blasting the choppers, hurray!

Time to do everything oneself, Mr Prime Minister and the Government is a dead-alive 5th bonanza of a long awaited constructive competition of we-poor Nepalese. When is the boon going to Undercover the nation to a 5$ increased GDP.

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