Faith of an Engineer – a tale of engineering

The oath of an engineer in his profession, this is a master piece of the work.
I am an ENGINEER. In my profession I take deep pride, but without vainglory; to it owe solemn obligations that I am eager to fulfill.

As an Engineer, I will participate in none but honest enterprise. To him that he has engaged my service, as employer or client, I will give the utmost of performance and fidelity.
When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. From special capacity springs the obligation to use it well in the service of humanity; and I accept the challenge that this implies.
Jealous of the high repute of my calling, I will strive to protect the interests and the good name of any engineer that I know to be deserving; but I will not shrink, should duty dictate, from disclosing the truth regarding anyone that, by unscrupulous act, has shown himself unworthy of the profession.
Since the age of stone, human progress has been conditioned by the genius of my professional forbears. By them have been rendered usable to mankind nature’s vast resources of material and energy. By them have been vitalized and turned to practical account the principles of science and the revelations of technology. Except for this heritage of accumulated experience, my effort would be feeble. I dedicate myself to the dissemination of engineering knowledge, and especially to the instruction of younger member of my profession in all its arts and traditions.
To my fellows I pledge, in the same full measure I ask of them, integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, and devotion to the standards and the dignity of our profession; with the consciousness always, that our special expertness carries with it the obligation to serve humanity with complete sincerity.
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