Facebook issues, errors & weak points

Who says Facebook has the best web built interface? Is this another way of spam or burden for visitors/users to visit Facebook time and again for the same thing? I name it FACEBOOK TORTURE after successive of 5 saving of settings. The screenshot shows that Facebook is unable to save the settings, it reads:
Unfortunately, the settings that control which email notifications get sent to you were lost. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
To reset your email notification settings, go to:
The Facebook Team
Another Issue:
If we can have WE LOVE PRACHANDA group in Facebook, then can we not have WE HATE PRACHANDA? Read and verify the battle between We Hate Prachanda vs We Love Prachanda groups in Facebook yourself, what Facebook ToC says is no matter of hate is to be issued in groups. This means Facebook supports only the positiveness of anything and not about the falsified agenda, is it?
Another Issue:
How can I open Facebook in my own language? Facebook, is not, possible to use in your own language, if not many languages used in world.
You can also use Facebook in Nepali, yes Nepali Facebook Interface is very easy to use by selecting Nepali Language from the language selection drop down menu available at the bottom of the login page and rest. This will enable you Nepali view of Facebook both in desktop and your mobile Facebook interface. Details and how to use the Facebook in Nepali, read this article.

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