This is everything that I latch on…  toilet soaps. I have been longing for to write about Lifebuoy, Camay and Liril. Have you got to get with thee stuff. (Read Bathroom blogging part II here)

International Camay natural, beauty soap- one of my personal favorite, is a product from Jakarta, Indonesia. Imported by Procter and Gamble (S) Pte Ltd, Thomson Road, Novena Square, Singapore.

Lifebuoy, a quality product from Unilever, comes in many form. Lifebuoy Gold Care, made from 100% vegetable oils, is for balanced germ protection and is to be used twice daily for balanced all day protection from germs, mild and gentle on skin. New Lifebuoy natural with neem and tulsi says to be 100% better germ protection toilet soap eliminating infection, body odor and acne.

Medimix, a real ayurvedic soap with 18 herbs, is effective for skin problems. The regd TM owners is Cholayil Pharmaceuticals and marketed by Dorcas Market Makers, made in India. Medimix is a traditionally hand made soap with a unique formulation of 18 herbs that acts gently but effectively on many kinds of skin problems. This ayurvedic proprietary medicine has been clinically proven to be topically effectve against skin conditions such as: pimples/acne, body odor, prickly heat/militaria rubra, boils/furuncles and other skin infections, more at

Liril, a bathroom soap for  long time, is marketed by Unilever Nepal. Liril is really the freshness soap.

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