Communication II (English) EG604SH

Course Description:
This course is designed for the B. E. Level I year II part students of Civil, Mechanical and III
year I part students of Electrical, Electronics and Computer. It intends to develop and
strengthen in students the communication skills in the English language with emphasis on
writing, reading and speaking.

Course Objectives:
This course intends to develop skills in:
– understanding and using varieties of English.
– public speaking and mass communication.
– preparing and conducting meeting.
– faster / extensive reading.
– writing description, technical talk, seminar paper.
– writing technical reports.
1. Varieties of English:(1 hour)
1.1 British / American.
1.2 Formal / Informal.
1.3 Spoken / Written.
1.4 Polite / Familiar and Impersonal.
2. Mass communication:
2.1 Presentation of talk
2.2 Presentation of seminar paper.
2.3 Conduction of meeting.
3. Extensive reading(4 hours)
3.1 Scanning
3.2 Skimming
4. Writing(10 hours)
4.1 Writing description: Landscape, technical processes, mechanical / electrical
objects, maps, graphs, charts.
4.2 Preparing note and writing talk.
4.3 Writing seminar paper
4.4 Writing agenda, minute and notice.
4.5 Writing technical reports.
Evaluation Scheme:
A) Internal Assessment:
Report writing – 4 marks
Technical talk / Seminar paper or meeting – 4 marks
Attendance – 2 marks
Total: 10 marks
B) Semester Exam:
Varieties – 4 marks
reading – 8 marks
Description writing – 4 marks
Seminar paper / talk – 8 marks
Meeting – 6 marks
Report writing – 10 marks
Total: 40 marks
Total (A + B) 50 marks
Reference Books:
1.0 Anne Eisenberg, “Effective Technical Communication”, McGraw – Hill. 1982.
2.0 K. W. Hope and T.E. Pearsall, “Reporting Technical Information”, 5th Edition Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1984.

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