Communication I (English) EG404SH

Course Description:
This course is designed for the students of B.E. Level who have completed either Diploma Level in Engineering or I. Sc. It intends to develop and strengthen in them the basic communication skills in the English language with emphasis on reading, writing and speaking.

Course Objectives:
This course intends to develop:
– ability to use language laboratory facility for the practice of listening
pronunciation and oral development.
– intensive reading skills in technical and non-technical reading materials.
– skills in writing memoranda, business letters, applications and proposals.
1.Introduction to pronunciation(2 Hours)
1.1 Phonetic symbols: vowels, diphthongs and consonants.
1.2 Stress: word and connected speech.
1.3 Intonation
1.4 Practice in listening and speaking :
1.5 Effective listening and note taking.
1.6 Telling personal experience and simple incidents.
1.7 Delivering speech with notes and visual aids.
2.Intensive reading: (9 Hours)
2.1 Comprehension
2.2 Understanding: short questions answer
2.3 Contextual grammar
3.Writing: (2 Hours)
3.1 Memoranda
3.2 Business letters
3.3 Application letters
3.4 Proposals
Evaluation Scheme:
A) Internal Assessment:
Proposal writing – 6 marks
Lab – 2 marks
Attendance – 2 marks
Total: 10 marks
B)Semester Exam:
Comprehension – 14 marks
Short questions answer and contextual grammar – 10 marks
Proposal writing or
Business letter / Application – 8 marks
Memo – 4 marks
Stress / Intonation – 4 marks
Total 40 marks
Total (A + B) 50 marks
Reference Books:
1.0 Anne Eisenberg, “Effective Technical Communication”, McGraw – Hill. 1982.
2.0 K.W. Hope and T.E. Pearsall, “Reporting Technical Information”, 5th Edition Macmillan Publishing Company, New York, 1984.
3.0 G. M. Spankie – “English in use.” 1975
4.0 John Swales – “Writing Scientific English” – 1971
5.0 JMcAllister Gmadama – “English for Electrical Engineers” -1976
6.0 Alan Mounfford – “English in Workshop Practice”
7.0 Eric H. Glending – ” English in Mechanical Engineering” – 1974
8.0 Geoffrey Leech Jan Svartvik -“A Communicative Grammar of English”

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