Cloud Computing Questions and Answers: Quiz on MCQs, True False, Fill in the Blanks, Matching options in Cloud Computing

This post provides you a myriad collection of questions along with their answers on Cloud Computing quizzes, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True/False with reasoning, Fill in the Blank and Matching the options questions.
Best efforts have been taken to provide answers (where possible) with the Cloud Computing fundamental courses for engineering students.

MCQs in Cloud Computing (25 Qs)

1. What is private cloud?

  • A standard cloud service offered via the Internet
  • A cloud architecture maintained within an enterprise data center
  • A cloud service inaccessible to anyone but the cultural elite


  1. Which of the following isn’t an advantage of cloud?
    1. No worries about running out of storage
    2. Easier to maintain a cloud network
    3. Immediate access to computing resources
    4. Paying only for what you use


  1. Which of these services is not platform as a service?
    2. Microsoft Azure
    3. Amazon EC2
    4. Joyent


  1. What feature does not belong in a private cloud?
    1. Metered billing
    2. Self-service portal
    3. Dial-home support
    4. Rapid elasticity


  1. Which of the following should a company consider before implementing cloud computing technology?
    1. Employee satisfaction
    2. Potential cost reduction
    3. Information sensitivity
    4. All of these


  1. What is cloud computing replacing?
    1. Corporate data centers
    2. Expensive personal computer hardware
    3. Expensive software upgrades
    4. All of above


  1. What is the number one concern about cloud computing?
    1. Too expensive
    2. Too many platforms
    3. Security concerns
    4. Payment method for individuals

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