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Hi, I am Ekendra. You must have guessed that by now. Currently, I am associated with Helen Keller International in capacity of Management Information System (MIS) Manager. HKI works in the diverse field of preventing blindness and vision loss for millions of vulnerable people, reducing malnutrition, and associated research.

Before joining HKI, I worked for deploying e-Governance and ICT4D at Nepal Government's Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) project named Local Governance and Community Development Programme (LGCDP-II) as a National UN Volunteer (NUNV) ICT Expert for UNV Nepal. Notable part of eGov and ICT4D for Nepal's local government units saw publication of Knowledge management platform (ICT4LB portal and app) and information dissemination applications for MoFALD.

Previously, I was an IT Professional working as an IT Manager at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok and a graduate of the same. I did a research in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (HWSN) during my Master's of Engineering in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). I have been an active blogger since 2003 with certain periodic gaps because of academia. Being a personal blogger and an ICT consultant is what I always look into being, and have been satisfied being so and also as a personal technology consultant.

My recent interest areas include: eGov · ICT4D · IoT · Ethical Hacking · ITIL · PMP · SaaS · Clouds · WiFi · Sensors · Nodes · Techno · Trance · SEO · HTML5 · WP · Joomla · Canvas · Inclusion · BI · Energy Conservation · Network Survivability ·WSN · Social Web · Web 3.0 · Social Business · Infographics · Data Visualization

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About this website

I still remember it was 2003 and I wanted to transform the habit of writing my monologues from the nice birthday diary to a digital form. I came up with CJB, or I did not know about Blog exist then. So this site was once separate entity in blog and site (subdomain wise and content wise). This website saw a transition from Blogger to WP and Joomla, then to WP merged. In nearly 8 years time, this has been the most stable period after I wiped all 350+ articles from the old Joomla site which was specially useful for Engineering students (because I was then updating everything scratch from the classroom.)

This website <उत्सव, विकास अनि ब्लग जिन्दगी> is now nearly 8 years old, and just enjoys the change in platform- transition from Google Blogger to WP. So links might be broken or previous posts might now appear in this blog until all the posts have been mapped.

By name- BLOGGING NEARLY EVERYTHING THAT I LATCH ON and CHANGE IS DEVELOPMENT, we hope to spread the realism of true blogging, real case Nepali scenario, Windows troubleshooting and much more current trends-- obviously nearly everything that I latch on.

This website uses a couple of excellent web tools for enhancement and performance:


Contact us: comment on any post or visit https://ekendraonline.com/about/contact/ or the older blog archive.

Lastly...once again!

since 2001 (on this site from 2004), in love with
ICT4D and resultant
economic development of a 3rd world country like mine. Interested in a bunch of
things like · SaaS · Clouds · WiFi · Sensors · Nodes · Geek · Win8 · Techno · Trance
· SEO · HTML5 · WP · Joomla · Canvas · Inclusion · BI. Follow me on your social
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I’m an active Wikipedian with Global Contribution to the Wikipedia/Wikimedia platform with 198 edits in 6 projects (as of May 2017) and equally a contributor in Quora with over 200k views to my answers (as of May 2017).
Please, do not send email attachments to me unless otherwise!

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    1. Yes, that’s right. It was 2003 when I started blogging in Blogger (Blog*Spot). Before that in 2001 I created blog posts using static posts (in CJB.net) didn’t knew blog exist then. Finally blogging in this personal platform since 2004.

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